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About Us Accreditation & Recognition Key Experts

UTC’s key expert team:

Dr YU, specialized in failure analysis, fire investigation and accident investigation

Dr YU studied in materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, and electronics. He has more than 35 years of industrial and research experience related to failure analysis, accident investigation, fire investigation, facility assessment/ inspection for various industrial sectors including aerospace, marine, transportation, electronics & microelectronics, petrochemicals, building & construction. He had worked in TUV SUD PSB and Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB) for 18 years, besides Nanjing Automotive Research Institute and SGS-Thomson Microelectronics. Dr YU has been included in Who’s Who in the World (Marquis Publication, USA) since 2010.

As Principal Investigator, Dr YU successfully led and completed more than 1000 projects including damages of amusement rides (roller coaster vehicle & track), major MRT / train disruptions/accidents (power supply, vehicles, rails), car collisions, CNG Taxi fire and explosions, accidents of cranes, aerospace engine damages, building cladiing fire, automotive steering system failure, lift rope breakage, landing gear system failure, hovercraft accidents, failures in gas and steam turbines, notebook computer burning, failures in jack-up rigs, extra-hydrogen release in huge batteries of Submarine, failures of PCB, PCBA, LCD, passive components and IC, damages in power generators, transformer fire, failures in building and structures etc.

Dr Yu is registered Chartered Engineer (CEng, UK) and Member of National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists (USA) and National Accociation of Fire Investigators (USA). As lead author, he published dozons of technical papers in referred international journals and conferences.

Dr Yu had involved in many technical litigation and attended courts as expert witness. He was ever engaged by Ministry of Transportation (MOT) and Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) for forensic investigation on major disruptions of Mass Rapid Trainsit (MRT) train and attended COI public hearing as key expert witness.

Click here to download Dr YU's CV.

Dr Gueen, specialized in building design, product development, structural analysis and accident/fire investigation

Dr Gueen was trained in Engineering Mechanics and structural analysis, has more than 30 years of research and working experience, extensively involved in building design, structural analysis, product development, failure analysis, accident/fire investigation for various industries. Dr Gueen accumulated rich experience in computational analysis/simulation using finite element method (FEM) and boundary element method (BEM), and published many technical papers in international journals and conferences.

Dr Gueen is registered Chartered Engineer (CEng, UK) in Structural Engineering, fellow of Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES).

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Dr Dai, specialized in interface fracture, numerical simulation, composite failure

Dr Dai was trained in engineering mechanics and composite materials, has more than 20 years research and working experience. Dr Dai had completed many research and industrial projects, including mechanics modelling of polymer nanocomposites, micromechanics Investigation on failure & reliability behaviours in silicon based microsystems, transient dynamic analysis on airport runway, numerical analysis on fracture behaviours in piezoelectric materials, interface fracture phenomena in advanced fibre composites, design and analysis of synthetic radar satellite antenna support structure, composite material for automotive structures, impact-resistant material for high-speed magnetic suspension train etc.

Dr Dai extensively published technical papers in international journals and conferences, including Advanced Materials Research, Composites B, Key Engineering Materials, Solid State Phenomena, International Journal of Engineering Science, Composite Interfaces etc.

Dr Dai is the editor of Journal “Mechanics Quarterly”, and committee member for a number of academic organizations.

Dr Qian, specialized in structural integrity, nuclear plant safety and lifetime management

Dr Qian was trained in mechanical engineering and solid mechanics. He has more than 10 years of research and working experience, substantially involved in fatigue and fracture assessments for reactor pressure vessel and piping, lifetime management of nuclear power plants, performing integrity analysis for nuclear structures and components by considering different ageing mechanisms, as well as providing expertise and consultant for nuclear authority and plants.

Dr Qian had conducted many projects, such as probabilistic fracture mechanics analysis for reactor pressure vessels, finite element modelling of brittle fracture for nuclear materials, crack initiation and propagation in very-high-cycle fatigue, probabilistic failure analysis of pipeline and piping system according to FITNET FFS, etc. He has published more than 30 relevant technical papers in international journals and conferences.

Dr Qian is Reviewer for a number of Journals including Nuclear Engineering and Design, Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, Corrosion Science, Steel Research International, Computation Materials Science, Engineering Failure Analysis, International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering.

Mr Loh, specialized in fault diagnosis and trouble shooting in electrical and electronic facilities

Mr Loh was trained in electrical and electronic engineering. He has more than 40 years working experience for leading international companies, expensively involved in service and maintenance on analytical equipment/instruments. He accumulated plenty of hands on experience and skills in trouble shooting in electrical and electronic facilities, including scanning electron microscope (SEM), X-ray diffractometer (XRD), chiller, transformer, PCBA, cables and high voltage devices.

Partnering Advisors

Dr Xu, specializing in safety engineering, accident investigation and root cause analysis

Dr Xu was trained in safety engineering. He has more than 20 years of research and industrial working experience in enterprise safety management, accident investigation and root cause analysis, behaviour safety management, accident management system, risk management, road safety etc. Dr Xu is also familiar with ISO 14001 environment management system and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety System. Dr Xu had provided relevant consultancy for oil & gas, nuclear industry, electric power, manufacture, chemical, transportation, textile insurance industry, mining, construction, aviation Industries including BP, Shell, Ocean Petro China.

Mr Thony, specializing in safety management and risk assessment

Mr Thony was trained in chemical engineering and occupational hygiene. He has more than 20 years of working experience in training and consultancy in health, safety and environment (HSE), quantitative risk assessment, accident investigation. Mr Thony has extensive experience in safety management and risk assessment for oil & gas, refinery industries.