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Enterprise Singapore (ex-SPRING) awarded UTC domestic consumer safety project - "Failure Analysis and Investigation on fire of liquid heater/dispenser".

UTC's Chief Consultant Dr George YU is engaged as Expert Witness on Fire of Building Claddings (Aluminium Composite Panel - ACP) at Toh Guan Road in High Court.


Institute of Materials (East Asia) and Asia Thermal Spray Society co-organize 9th Asian Thermal Spray Conference (ATSC 2018) in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore on 16-18 Nov. 2018.

Our Chief Consultant, Dr George YU, as expert witness, testified on the court hearing for the mobile crane toppling. His expert opinions and theory on the root causes of crane toppling were fully accepted by the court.

The contractor lost the appeal and punishment was increased from S$280,000 to S$330,000 for fatal gate toppling, reported by Straits Times. UTC was engaged by MOM for accident investigation and as expert witness in this court case.

Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) awarded UTC project to provide training course on vehicle fire investigation, which was awarded 14 PDUs by Professional Engineers Board Singapore.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) awarded UTC two years contract on carrying out failure analysis on damaged items on the site or collected from the site (2/2/2018 - 1/2/2020). It's good recognition on UTC's excellent works and reliable reports previously done for them.

Failure analysis and accident investigation on explosion of electric storage water heater by Consumer Products Safety Department of Singapore Government - Spring Singapore/Enterprise Singapore

Failure analysis on fractured manhole framesets from Public Utilities Board (PUB)


UTC's Chief Consultant Dr George YU had been invited to speak at Symposium on Materials Processing, Inspection, and Testing August, 2017 (Johor, Malyasia).

Channel NewsAsia reported that the contractor was fined S$280,000 by the court for fatal gate toppling. UTC was engaged by MOM for accident investigation and as expert witness in this court case.

Dr George YU was engaged as expert witness in arbitration on fatal crane accident.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) had awarded UTC the project :Forensic investigation on taxi fire at Marymount Road.

UTC's technical paper Forensic Investigation Crane Accidents had been published in International Journal of Forensic Engineering.

UTC had been awarded by Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Land Transport Authority (LTA), the project :Forensic investigation on taxi fire and explosion near Buona Vista MRT.

Dr George YU had been engaged by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) as expert witness in criminal court hearing.

UTC secured project: Failure analysis on leakage of oil pipeline.

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) engaged UTC for investigation on construction fatal accident.

Dr George YU was engaged as expert witness in court trial on crane toppling.

UTC secured a project "Forensic investigation on hand dryer fire at school.


UTC had accomplished 15 projects of failure analysis for Public Utilities oard (PUB).

Hyundai engineering and construction had engaged UTC for forensic investigation of tower crane fire and wire rope breakage/snapped.

UTC's technical report help quickly settling crane accident litigation case before the court hearing.

Dr YU Yonghe, George received award from Singapore Acreditation Council (SAC).

Hyundai engineering and construction engaged UTC for investigation of platform collapes lifting by 4 winches.

UTC key experts attended 8th Conference on Global Talent Exchange (21-22/8/2016), Beijing, China
Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) provides training grant to support UTC's technical training programmes.


Hyundai engineering and construction had engaged UTC for forensic investigation of tower crane collapse.

UTC completed investigation on breakage of heavy duty manhole frameset.

UTC conducted failure analysis on medium duty manhole frameset.

In the evening of July 7, 2015, the entire North-South and East-West lines crippled, which affected an estimated 250,000 commuters, was caused by a series of power trips along both lines.

Three weeks later (29, July), LTA and SMRT released their findings that salty deposits triggered the incidents, with the help of experts from Parsons Brinckerhoff and Meidensh. They coincided with the views of our Chief Consultant Dr George, YU Yonghe.

Just days after the incidents, Dr YU told The Straits Times that deposits on 3rd rail insulator were the root cause of the incidents. After near 30 years of usage, the 3rd rail insulator surfaces are covered with a layer of deposits that consist of mainly graphite dusts and foreign substances/ contaminants, which may build an easy path for electricity to cross over the insulator surface, resulting in current leakage from the 3rd rail to its supporting metal brackets, especially when moisture and water are involved. When the leakage current in the 3rd rail insulator exceeds certain level, it will activate the protection device and trigger the power trip, resulting in MRT disruption.

Dr YU's views were published at TOP OF THE NEWS of Straits Times(A4) on 30 July, 2015.

PUB (Public Utilities Board) awarded UTC one year contract for conducting a series of detailed failure analysis projects.

UTC was awarded project "Failure Analysis on Braking assembly damage" by Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).

Ministry of Defence awarded UTC for failure analysis on brace structure fracture of unmanned aviation vehicle (UAV).

UTC was invited and attended 8th Conference on Venture and Innovation (Nanjing).

UTC's Chief Consultant Dr George, YU Yonghe had visited the site of LRT electrical fire and made his assessment.

Dr YU shared his views on the incident - "The electrical fire was caused by electrical arcing, which produced high temperature and much heat and ignited the surrounding combustible substances, resulting in the fire".

The views are consistent/conincide with those on news reported months later.

UTC was engaged by China Taiping Insurance for technical litigation related to accidents.

UTC was awarded three years contract for conducting failure analysis and forensic accident investigation by Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).


Dr YU Yonghe was elected to be Executive Committee member of The Institute of Materials (East Asia).

UTC published “Enhancing transportation reliability through effective failure analysis” in Conference of ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations 2014 (CAFEO32), (Yangon, Myanmar), 10-13 November 2014.

Technical litigation on crane collapse.

Assessment on gas pipe leakage.

UTC's Chief Technologist visited European Space Agency (Paris, France).

UTC collaborated with Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) to conduct technical training course.

UTC's Executive Director met CEO of Job Safety Solution Ltd (China) for strategic collaboration in safety and accident investigation.

Failure analysis on gearbox damages.

UTC's Chief Consultant conducted course “Failure Investigation and Analysis” for Republic Singapore Air Force (RSAF).

Technical litigation and court assistance on crane accident.

UTC's Chief Technologist gave a technical talk “Aircraft Certification” to Aviation Industry Cooperation of China (AVIC) Commercial Aircraft Engine Company Limited,

UTC's Chief Consultant, as Expert/Technical Assessor, joined Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) audit team and conducted assessment on Intertek Lab in Rolls Royce (S) for Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (Singlas).

Investigation on crane toppling accident

Condition assessment on ship propeller damages.